Friday August 23rd

This is a very special show, especially for those interested in the history of Victoria’s Heavy Metal scene.  With the help of our friends at Supreme Echo, we have been able to assemble a showcase of some of the greatest bands from the region’s past.  Often credited as the band that brought real Heavy Metal to the island, we are absolutely thrilled to have Armoros coming back together for a one-off, exclusive performance at this year’s festival.  In addition, Armoros‘ Vancouver counterpart, Witches Hammer will be returning the Vancouver Island after crushing fernwood last time – over 33 years ago.  If that wasn’t enough, Supreme Echo has helped us bring back another band from Victoria’s past.  Most recently known as Dreadnought, but most well known as Arcfiend, the band is considered one of the heaviest bands to ever come from Vancouver Island.  In preparation for this event, Supreme Echo has put out two releases, a reissue of Witches Hammer’s self titled album, and a forthcoming Arcfiend EP, “Mortified With Hate”.  Friday Centennial Square HeaderKicking off the afternoon are two bands that bridge Victoria’s past and present; Vintage 90’s thrash power trio Punish, as well as Thrashlord: a modern band of classic styling.  Like last year, all the shows in Centennial Square are all-ages and will have alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

Bewitcher return to Victoria to push the action up to the speed of satan. Fresh off the release of their album “Under the Witching Cross” the trio make their first appearance on the island in almost a year and a half.  While Bewitcher bring the satanic speed metal, the boys in Roadrash bring the greasy speed metal.  Everyone’s favorite “Canadian Dickhead Metal” band returns, and promises to put on their most electrifying performance to date.  Friday Logans HeaderTo support a bill we’ve enlisted Torrefy, as well as Iron Strike.  Unfortunately, the night shows at Logan’s Pub are 19+