Thursday August 22nd

The Vancouver Island Metal Festival kicks off with a show that’s been in the making since before the inception of the festival its self.  Victoria’s Scimitar have been teasing Vancouver Island’s Heavy Metal community with tales of their sophomore album for more than half a decade.  This year, in Centennial Square, their promises will come to fruition.  Joining them are a cast of fresh local heavyweights that have sprung up in Thursday Centennial Square Headerrecent years, as well as one of Vancouver’s most exciting bands, ApprenticeLiberatia, Krypteia, and Winter’s Reach will all be helping to kick of this year’s festival.  Like last year, all the shows in Centennial Square are all-ages and will have alcoholic beverages available for purchase.



Thursday night is headlined by two Death Metal giants from across the ferry.  While Assimilation has been to the island before, it has been far too long, so the festival provided a perfect opportunity to bring them back.  Oxygen Destroyer have never been to the island before.  In fact, this is their first international show ever. Thurday Logans HeaderThe have been decimating the Pacific North West for some time now, and we are more than excited to have them as a part of the festival on their first foray into the great white north.  Supporting the bout-of-towners are Euthanized as well as Graveolence.  Unfortunately, the night shows at Logan’s Pub are 19+